Feeding Smiles: Potbelly Sandwich Shop’s goal is to make people happy. Potbelly handles the food, and we handle their social media presence. Whether I am taking photos of delicious sandwiches, drawing¬†smiles and doodles around their food, animating quirky scenes, or creating engaging advertisements, the overall message of happiness carries through all social media platforms. We stand on their 3 pillars of awesomeness: Good Food, Good Music, and Good Neighborhood Vibes. Our approach caters to all three with a brand voice that is down-to-Earth with a dry sense of humor. On each platform, we strategize to best compliment each audience: Instagram is always fun and crave-worthy, Facebook is all about the news updates for LTOs and new offers, and Twitter is where we really get to joke around with our Potbellians using witty copy and humorous animations.

Creative Direction: Jean Purcell, Janson Straub

Copywriting: Jaclyn Holtzman, Bryce Wergin

Art Direction: Jessi Adrignola

Photography: Molly Gieb, Jessi Adrignola

Illustration: Jessi Adrignola, Adrian Mui

Animation: Jessi Adrignola, Adrian Mui