Exploring new perspectives on projects and experiences, staying curious, questioning answers, focusing on the user and emphasizing emotion in design drives my process and is my passion. I believe the most exhilarating design is captivating, meaningful, improves lives, and causes one to discover new things. It is important to keep pushing myself as a designer and as part of a design team.

I am currently working, exploring, creating, and getting lost in Chicago. Among my adventures in design, I can be found collaborating with artists and writers on comic books, getting my hands dirty creating grunge style lettering, and experimenting on art projects.

I graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2010 with a BFA in Visual Communications and in 2007 with an AA from Rock Valley College with an emphasis on fine arts. I’ve worked at two design agencies in my career for over six years, as well as a packaging design and development facility. Currently, I work at Jacobson/Rost as an Art Director and as a freelance designer with non-profits for children, entrepreneurial education, and literary foundations. I also work with programs for the arts, design agencies, hospitals, and publishers.

If you are interested in collaborating on a new project or want to say hello, I’m always interested in new opportunities and always around for a chat!

Photo by Sandro. sandrofilm.com